Junior Incentive Program

The love of the cattle and the excitement they bring to our hearts keeps us optimistic toward the future. Our goal is pretty simple; to consistently breed good, quality cattle, and treat our customers the way we wish to be treated.

Here at TRM, we believe the future of our industry lies within our youth who are interested in livestock.  The juniors who are involved today will be the ones responsible for taking us to the future. We want to contribute as much as we can to that cause and we say, “Go Get ‘Em!”

Grand Champion Heifer (JNHW and NJAS): $12,500 IN CASH + $12,500 in credit toward the purchase of one TRM or RRO heifer the following year.
= $25, 000 total prize!

Reserve Grand Champion Heifer (JNHW and NJAS): $2,500 cash

Division Champion (JNHW and NJAS): $1,000 cash

Grand Champion Heifer (State Livestock Shows): $500 cash

(In event that your state has multiple state shows/preview shows, TRM will pay for one championship.)

~ The prize money only pertains to the JNHE, NJAS, and State Livestock Shows.
~ The heifer must be a TRM or RRO heifer. The heifer cannot have the breeder listed as any other party.
~ The heifer must be purchased private treaty or through one of our sales.
~ The heifer must be purchased in, and remain in, the same juniors name who will be exhibiting the heifer at Junior Nationals.